Counted Cross Stitch By Machine Embroidery

Chinese Florals Set 1

Up to fourteen designs are included in this set of floral designs with an oriental flavor.  Versions are available for all machine formats1.  They are wonderful for hanging panels, table runners, shirt fronts and incorporation in other projects.  They are striking when stitched on darker fabrics with metallic gold thread for the geometric outline.

Here they are:

Companion to Chinese Florals Set 2

The design immediately above this cell is not available in the distributed SEW set because of hoop limitations. (See Notes.)



These longer designs are not included in JEF, PCS and SEW formats because of hoop limitations.

Three files in HUS format for these longer designs have been exported at a smaller size (18ct) than their peers (16ct) to fit the hoop.

The SEW format set also cannot accommodate one of the smaller designs above.

Prices of each of these sets have been adjusted accordingly. 



This design set is yours for $34.951.  These designs may be purchased for immediate download from the table below by clicking the {buy now] button for your format or by entering the discount code and clicking [Submit Coupon] in the same box.


File format Immediate download