Counted Cross Stitch By Machine Embroidery

Design Set 8

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Hearts, Birds & Flowers Musical Frogs Summer Time Blocks Golfing Flamingos
Ten intricately detailed large format designs for decorating quilts, pillows, clothing and the like.  All designs stitch in a 5x7 inch field. Those pesky amphibians are at it again!   These ten designs stitch in 4x4 inch fields - perfect for your budding tadpole-musician. This 4x4 inch design set has ten animals enjoying a summer's day.  These designs and are perfect for quilt blocks, clothing and such.  Ten fanciful flamingos flailing away on the links.  Stitches in 4x4 inch size in all common formats.
Elegant Indians Sweet Penguins Halloween Sunbonnet Blocks Curly Roses
These designs seek to capture the dignity and strength of the First Americans.  Perfect for quilts and wall art, these 5x7 inch designs are available in all common formats This design set has ten penguins who will make you smile all year. These designs stitch in 4x4 inch fields and are perfect for quilt blocks, clothing and decoration.  They are available in all common formats. This design set has twelve little sunbonnet ghosts and goblins. These designs stitch in 4x4 inch fields and are perfect for quilt blocks, clothing and seasonal decorations.  Check them out! This set includes ten lovely floral designs perfect for shirt plackets, pillowcases, placemats, wall hangings and the like.  The set is available in all common 5x7 inch formats for immediate download.

Flowers With Birds

Elegant Thanksgiving

Poinsettia Angels

Christmas Swans & Bears

This set includes ten hybrid designs with filled cross-stitch and open work.  It stitches in 5x7 inch hoops. This set includes ten 4x4 inch designs celebrating the joys of harvest and the Thanksgiving traditions.  This set includes ten poinsettia angels ready to decorate your holiday finery.  The 6x7 inch set is machine-ready in 9 formats. This set has ten of Santa's ursine helpers gliding in swan sleighs ready for seasonal whimsy on quilts, runners, felt hats etc.  The set stitches in 4x4 inch hoops.