Counted Cross Stitch By Machine Embroidery

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Christmas Reindeer Elegant Ornaments Snowmen and Sunbonnets Ooh La La Chef
Reindeer use their antlers to hold decorations in a 10 design 4x4 inch hoop. great for holiday garb, decorations, quilts and the like.  Need decorations for the holidays?  Here's 10 designs for the 4x4 hoop for Xmas quilts, decorations and clothing. Here's our sunbonnet girls making snowmen in this 10 design set for the 4x4 inch hoop. Ten willowy maids grace this 5x7 set perfect for aprons, chef coats or jackets and kitchen decoration.
 Winter Homes Leonardo de Chef Puppies' First Christmas Calendar Sunbonnets

There's nothing better than your warm home.  This tableau of eleven 5x7 inch designs can grace your home, quilts and such. With 10 5x7 inch designs, Chef Leonardo invites you to 'Eat it All!', perfect for aprons, chef jackets and kitchen decoration. Both puppies and Christmas together in a 6 design set for the 5x7 inch set great for dog beds, clothing and such. Sunbonnets mark the seasons in this 12 design 4x4 inch set, perfect for quilts, home decoration or a wall calendar. 
Floral Eggs Princess Garden Flowers Miss Chick Antique Sewing Machines

  Here are 10 Easter designs for the 5x7 inch hoop with decorated floral eggs perfect for quilts, tea towels and such. Spring flowers adorn this 10 design set for the 4x4 inch hoop, perfect for quilts, home decoration and other adornment. Ten spring chicks in their best outfits bask in the sunshine, read for your quilts, clothing and home decoration in 4x4 inch field size.   Enjoy a link to the past with 10 5x7 inch designs of antique sewing machines.