Counted Cross Stitch By Machine Embroidery

Design Set 14

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Christmas Time Baby Chipmunks Kitchen Time Blocks Thanksgiving Flowers Baby Zoo Pumpkins
Christmas in the forest has never been more charming!  10 designs in 4x4 inch sizes for all lovers of small animals or Xmas. Enjoy spicing up your kitchen as you do your food. 10 designs in 4x4 inch size for hanging art, placemats, clothing, etc. Decorate your home and holiday table with flowers for the season. Ten designs in 5x7 inch size perfect for placemats, table runners and other table linens.  Enjoy the fall with baby animals from the zoo living inside pumpkins in a set for the 4x4 hoop great for quilts, clothing, decorations, etc. 
Realistic Angels Curly Skiing Penguins Jingle Bells Victorian Sunbonnets
Angels are all around us. This set for the 5x7 inch hoop is great for wall art, quilts, christening gifts and holiday decorations Penguins in both hemispheres secretly schuss down the slopes in a 4x4 inch set, great for many items and just plain fun It's always a holiday when you are sewing.  Ten designs for the 5x7 inch hoop perfect for holiday table linens, aprons, jumpers and home decoration.  10 sunbonnet ladies in Victorian finery for the 4x4 inch field for decorations, quilts and clothing
Fall Pumpkins Christmas Village Christmas Stockings Christmas Dove Circles
The Great Pumpkin would be proud to have this set of ten 4x4 inch designs, perfect for harvest table linens and decorations.  Snow dusts 10 buildings of a Christmas village set of 5x7 inch designs perfect for holiday table linens, quilts or decorations. Hang these by the chimney with care.  10 4x4 inch designs of Xmas stockings for clothing, wall art, stocking blanks, etc. Even birds decorate for the holidays-- 10 4x4 inch designs perfect for aprons, wall art, quilts and clothing.