Counted Cross Stitch By Machine Embroidery

Design Set 11

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Name/picture/description Name/picture/description Name/picture/description Name/picture/description
Sweetie Pies Butterflies Bath Time Buddies Fairy Castles
Ten designs show your favorite girl in full 5x7 size -- perfect for a quilt, girl's clothing (granddaughters, anyone?). Ten designs of butterflies for 4x4 inch designs, perfect for a shirt placket, backpack, quilts and home decorations.  Ten designs of animals really into cleanliness for 4x4 inch designs, perfect for a bathroom runner, quilt, home decoration and even your fanciful spa.. Every young girl dreams of being a fairy princess.  This 4x4 inch set captures castles for all your girls (or yourself!), ready for quilts, smocks, wall hangings and such.
Floral Coasters Sailing Sea Friends Bath Time Bon Voyage
Summer's floral bounty on your sewing machine in a 4x4 inch set of floral designs ready for coasters, shirts, smocks, wall hangings and such. Start your own regatta!  This 4x4 inch set is ready for your quilts, wall hangings or at sea cabin. Rub-a-dub-dub!!  This 4x4 inch set is ready for your quilts, wall hangings or children's apparel.  Grab your coat and get your hat--this 4x4 inch set with 12 designs is ready for your quilts, wall hangings or apparel
Halloween Fairies Decorative Roosters Embroidery Stuff Tea Time Ladies
Enjoy a delightfully spooky set of fairies for Halloween in a 5x7 inch set with 10 designs ready for your costumes, etc. Cock-a-doodle-doo indeed!  Ten 4x4 inch designs perfect for your kitchen decoration, quilts, shirt plackets. Crafts rule!  Designs perfect for your shirt or apron decoration, quilts, sewing room and the like.  The nine 4x4 inch designs and the one larger design are ready to sew. Milk or sugar?  Ten 5x7 designs of demure Southern ladies enjoying companionship and a nice cup of tea.
Dancing Christmas Sunbonnet Tea Time Squares Dressed Like Mom Goofy Golf
It's a hoedown! Ten 4x4 designs of Santa and his minions dancing for joy (?after holiday gifts all done). There back!  12 cute-as-a-button sunbonnet square girls are having a tea party.  These 4x4 designs are perfect for quilts, clothing and other crafts. This set includes ten large 5x7 inch designs of daughters dressing up like Mom.   They would be wonderful on quilts, clothing and home decorations. This set includes ten 4x4 inch designs of "goofy" golf balls all over the place.  (Mine surely seem to have a mind of their own!).  They would be perfect for golf towels, golf shirts and the like for all you duffers out there.