Counted Cross Stitch By Machine Embroidery

Design Set 1

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Name/picture/description Name/picture/description Name/picture/description Name/picture/description
Roses & Birdhouses Front and Back kitties Red(work) Roses Oriental Borders
This set includes ten corner designs of roses and birdhouses  which make beautiful placemats and turn plain tablecloths into wonderful  gifts.  Designs will stitch in 4 inch hoops in all formats below. A whimsical collection of five characters: JoJo, Pierre, Slick, Shady and Sugar, all "cool cats" as viewed from front and back. Suitable for front and back stitching on clothing, ornaments and tags.   All formats supported including PCS and SEW. Eight red rose designs with eight matching redwork designs. The redwork designs are done in two colors to allow the stitcher to use contrasting or complementary colors for the flowers and leaves.   All formats supported. Ten oriental border designs sized for your large hoop. These intricate designs are ideal for tone-on-tone work or for use on a table runner or decorative shirt placket. These designs are also broken into smaller elements for smaller hoops. All formats supported.
Fairies Chinese Plates Summer Froggies Fancy Red Hat Ladies
Ten fanciful fairies for 5x7 inch hoops to adorn shirts, skirts or a decorative window treatment for a special princess (or just for you)!  All formats supported. Ten designs of decorative plates with an oriental theme and many uses: clothing, accessories, chair cushions, you name it! All designs fit in a 4 inch hoop. Ten delightful froggies, formatted for all hoop sizes, will enjoy decorating your beach towels, beach bags, leisure T-shirts etc. while making your summer season just a little bit brighter. Ten Red Hat Ladies all decked out in their finest clothes (and hats!) and ready to step out. Designs are sized for 5 x 7 inch fields and ready for your use on vests, shirts, skirts or your own imaginative project.

Lace Blocks

It Must Be Love

Fancy Girls

Bad Kitties

Ten lace block designs make up this set for all hoop sizes. Each block has a companion redwork pattern (one quadrant is shown here). These would be wonderful for quilting, wall hangings, coaster sets and such. Ten fanciful pairs of animals ready to warm your heart with theirs.  All designs fit in the 4x4 inch hoop and would be wonderful on items for babies (big and small ones!), children's clothing or room decorations. Ten Fancy Girls (one of them yours, perhaps?) dressed to the nines for a day of fun.  Great for embellishing clothing, 'tweens and teens gifts and much more! Ten naughty kitties who are tearing up the neighborhood.  These designs fit all hoop sizes and would be great for kids, cat lovers and folks with a sense of fun everywhere.

You can also receive any design pack which you have already purchased by download on a CD-ROM.  This is offered to customers who have multiple format machines (all formats are included) or just like to have a back-up copy on-hand.  Now available for a per-set cost of $7.95 including worldwide shipping.  Just fill in the name and click the button below.

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